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The Baby Book

I have my baby book. I stole it from my parents a few years ago. I couldn't tell you how many times I've read through it. But I was looking through it tonight thinking, My God, I'm going to be 24 years old tomorrow. When my mom was my age, she had 3 kids. Blows my mind.

I'm reading tonight and, again, couldn't tell you how many times i've read through it, but suddenly it struck me differently. For the first time I actually noticed the different handwriting- my mom's versus my dad's. And although I've always known they both made notes, I realized just how much my Dad contributed. And I'm looking at the picture of them having their first dinner after I was born, and I'm reading all these notes thinking- they were just kids! My mom was weeks away from turning 19, my dad was 24, and they had this baby! OH MY GOD! I'm sure that's what they were thinking over and over.

It's funny when I read though because I don't hear or see two young scared kids. I hear my mom's voice and my dad's voice- as they are now. So wise and so comforting. It reads as if they'd written a hundred other baby books and they were old pro's by the time I came along.

So here are a few excerpts, written by my parents. These are a few notes they made that really caught me, and amusing because some are so indicative of who I am today. Thank you both for keeping such good notes. And for never once, not even now when i still call not having a clue what to do, not once seeming scared or clueless. You guys are rockstars, and I love you.

> On the inside cover there is an 80s style, rainbow striped Apple Computer sticker. Lord knows where I got it, or why it's in here. But now I'm an Apple fan and who knew?!

>"She is a beautiful baby, but she has her daddy's temper-" Mom. Umm, yes mam I do.

>"Still doesn't want to sleep, I still have hope she will-" Mom
"Brandi hates to go to bed. We have to fight about 30-45 minutes before she will finally pass out from crying. it drivves me crazy-" Dad.
Well guys, my favorite thing to do is sleep. You won.

>"She uses her hands when she talks. The more intense the story the harder those hands go. it's funny to watch her"- Mom.

>"Brandi started dancing real funny (at two) and now that is the only way she dances."- Mom. Umm, yes, I dance funny.

>"She is a doll, my biggest pride & joy"- Dad, on first Christmas.
I think this is still pretty true.


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