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I know who dies... I know who the Half-Blood Prince is...

...And I wish I didn't. I finished reading Harry Potter 6 last night just before midnight. I would also like to point out that I finished 30 pages faster than my little sister. BRING IT ON LITTLE GIRL!!! I am the fastest reader!

So the story overall was fantastic, this might have just become my second place favortite (#4 still tops it). But then, all this stuff started happening and I sat frozen on my couch for fifteen minutes thinking, is it real, did it happen? I had to re-read the same page 3 times to make sure I had read what I thought I read.

Today, it was a funeral. My whole day was a little sadder. Even the sky cried, it poured down this freak of a thunderstorm.

I will not give details. I will not ruin the story. When you're ready to talk about it, let me know. Times like these call for close friends, and quite possibly therapy.

So do you think the 'Half-Blood Prince' is really that bad, or is it just a plot to get him closer to Voldemort?

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