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Yeah, I'm a copycat, SO WHAT!?

I wandered over to Beau's blog (see link on side) the other day and found his "100 things I hate" list. I was inspired. So here is my list of things I hate, as well as like. I don't have the energy to write 100, but I could if I wanted to.

The Hate List:

1. Voicemail Operators- it is 2005, do we really need to be walked through the 2.5 minute instructions?
2. Being charged for condiments at McDonalds
3. When my Mac battery is low and the charger is in the other room
4. Fiber Supplements
5. The gas station puts the expensive gas in the middle, tricking me to automatically pick it up
6. People on bikes who ride in the street, not on the sidewalk
7. People at work leave their leftovers in the fridge for 2 months
8. Paying to park
9. Local TV News
10. People who complain about the heat as if they are the first person to have ever been hot!
11. Bad food smells
12. Alumni solicitations- it's called tuition. I already paid it!
13. WalMart
14. Meetings that last more than 15 minutes
15. Office toilet paper
16. Excel Spreadsheets
17. 16-year old hostesses at restaurants who act like they are too good for the job
18. Restaurants that don't take reservations
19. Socks
20. When people with straight hair tell me how they'd give money/their first born/etc to have hair like mine
21. Math
22. The Red Bull truck that parks in front of my office for DAYS on end, taking up valuable parking space
23. My apartment complex
24. The price of tampons
25. When people do not close the cupboard doors, kitchen drawers, bathroom cabinet, etc.
26. I'm 24, I still break out
27. People who don't use their blinkers
28. People who make me feel like my hobbies and interests are lame
29. Popcorn and the stench it creates
30. Thanksgiving food
31. The hand molestors at Bath & Body Works
32. There are FORTY FIVE lanes at SuperTarget, there are 3 cashiers

The Like List:

1. Coming home from work and putting on PJs and a Tshirt
2. Flip Flops
3. Flip Flop Fridays
4. My husband
5. Managers that ask how your meal is at a restaurant
6. Thank you notes
7. The person that lets you pull out in lines of traffic
8. Sunday morning
9. Haircut Hair
10. Burt's Bees
11. Harry Potter
12. Filling a punch card at the Scrapbook store
13. Finding a front parking space
14. Finding a treasure on clearance
15. Ann Taylor Loft
16. My family, my friends
17. Email
18. Personal mail/packages at the office
19. OU Sooners
20. Oklahoma
21. Laughing
22. Believing in Santa
23. Happy cries
24. Loving what I do for a living
25. Cooking
26. Getting my way when I know I'm right all along
27. Finishing a good book
28. Romantic Comedies
29. The excitment people get in taking candy from my candy bowl
30. First snow
31. Finding the perfect gift for someone, for no reason at all
32. Dad's french toast
33. Mom's fried chicken
34. Jenna's brownies
35. Watching Kyle eat
36. Puppies, babies

Thank you hun but i don't fry chicken... must be your other mom. but yes dad's french toast and jenna's brownies... yummmmmy!!

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