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A good kind of high

There's nothing quite like it. And something I've only experienced, well, three times. You spend so much time, so much energy thinking, creating, producing, back and forth, and finally, you have a completed TV spot. Then, it's released to the television stations and you wait. And no matter how many times I've watched in the office, shown it to clients, reviewed it meticulously for the most random, no-one-will-EVER-catch-that flaw, you've got the script and music memorized- it still makes my heart skip a beat- the first time I actually see it on TV.

It happened tonight with one of our new golf spots. I got so damn giddy! It's just exciting to see it up there, and know that thousands of other people are seeing it at that moment too. And I'm thinking- Did they get it? Did they laugh at the same spot? Did they even watch it? Part of me doesn't even care, it feels like it was up there just for me!

I don't think I've told you lately how proud I am of you but just so you know...I am very proud, everyday.


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