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Ding! Ding! Round One!

Originally uploaded by oubrandi.
After a 3-second event that took place in our bed last night (oh wow! did I really just start a post with that?!), I'm thinking I missed my calling as a boxer. About 5:00 this morning I was deeply invoved with a very intense dream. The scene was me telling a story, of course, and my little sister Jenna repeatedly interrupting me. Throughout this dream I had stopped to ask Jenna to 'Be Quiet', 'Hush,' 'Wait until I'm finished,' and 'Shut up!'

However, she kept interrupting me. And I was getting REALLY mad. So, simultaneously, according to the one available witness, I screamed "Shut the F*#K up!" and I slugged Shelton in the jaw!!! He said he looked over, after trying to shake off the initial shock, and saw that my face was all scrunched up and I was pretty mad about something. So, in act of necessary self-defense, he quickly made me wake up.

Now, I remember screaming, because I heard myself. I do not remember the punch. He says he told me what I had just done and that I immediately started cracking up (which I've continued all day long). I guess I rolled back over and laughed myself back to sleep.

This morning, I asked him if I really had slugged him in my sleep and he said yes. Again, hyena-like laughing. Being that I've never had the opportunity to just out-right punch someone in the face, I asked him if I was a good shot? He said definitely. It was straight and solid.

He did not incur any temporary or permanent damage, not even a bruise. I'm thinking about buying him a helmet. I've always been a restless, eventful person to sleep with, but I do believe this one takes the cake.

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