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No gifts, please

We're only 17 days in to October and already the stores are full of Christmas decorations and talk of where people are going for Thanksgiving seems to be increasing.

The holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas, are going to be a little different for us this year. I don't know where or who or what will be happening, but we'll get there.

The other is that this is going to be a no gift year for us. We're not giving, and we're asking to you help us not receive. As you all know, we're trying to raise the money we need to do IVF after the first of the year. We're still about 17 grand shy of what we're going to need, but we're hopeful we're going to get there.

This year, we hope everyone will accept a Christmas card and our love, prayers and hugs. It feels weird not to be giving gifts to everyone. I love sharing gifts with people. But this year we feel like we have to put this baby first and to do that we need every extra penny we can get.

We're also asking that you not give us any gifts this year. We mean this, in the nicest way we can say. If you feel compelled to give us a gift, we ask that you do so in the form of a donation to BabyorBust.

We have lots of stuff and things- but what we really want is a baby, we want to start a family.

We're blessed to have loving families, each other, fantastic jobs, a beautiful home and our health. That's really all anyone can ask for.

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