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Game of the year

As a Sooner, or even a Longhorn, there is one game in the season that matters most- OU/texas. I'm sad to say that after 5 years at OU, I never once made it down to Dallas for the baddest rivalry in the game. But my heart was there every year, just as it is today.

At this moment, the Sooners just ran out of the tunnel on to the field. I don't know stats, I can rarely remember our QB's name and I don't know what our rank is this year... but I know Adrian is carrying our team, I know Stoops is a fantastic coach, I know my blood beats with Crimson & Cream and that is all that matters. I'm hoping like crazy that we're going to take home the Red River Rivalry trophy today... I've listened to commentary from both sides all week, and I really think this is anybody's game. No one is owning this before the toin coss- it's definitely going home to the best team today. I'm cheering crazily that it's us- so kick some Bevo ass today boys!!

Something about the game today is making me miss college. My front yard is covered in crunchy leaves, there's a perfect crispness in the air today and my favorite team is playing ball today. One of those days that makes you fall in love with being in Norman. I miss that walk across South Oval in the fall and I miss skipping late classes to make happy hour at Brother's. I miss that small niche of incredible people I found myself a part of, and feel so fortunate that I still call most of them friends. And I miss walking into Memorial Stadium every Saturday with 80,000 fellow Sooner devotees.

It's a cliche, but my years in Norman at OU were truly some of the best of my life. I'll never get them back, but the memories are one-of-a-kind. Nothing will ever compare.

How did I get across that graduation stage without at least one OU/texas under my belt? Don't ask me, I don't know how they allowed it! One of these days I'll make it there and cheer louder than anyone.

Kick some texas ass today Sooners... BOOMER SOONER!!

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