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KC Chiefs vs. San Fran 49ers

I don't know that you could really say "versus" because it was more like the 49ers and 80,000 some odd fans showed up to watch the Chiefs practice.

Shelton and I were offered two tickets to yesterday's match up in Kansas City and we accepted. We've never been to an NFL game before, so we were pretty psyched to take the tickets off of some very generous hands.

We left Wichita about 6am to make it to Arrowhead by 10am to get in a little tailgating w/ some friends of Shelton's from his office. We paid $20 to park, made our way to lot D, then Shelton decided we should turn around and park in lot F (behind us) b/c that is where the tailgating was happening. I got out of the car and let him drive b/c it was becoming too much to handle. We ended up going head-on into Arrowhead traffic and then forced to leave stadium parking all together and park in a huge lot that would have been free. Needless to say we were a little irked.

We hiked 47 miles over to lot F and met up w/ the tailgaters and their FANTASTIC cookout. All we'd had to eat that morning was a jug of OJ, a few day-old donut holes and some grapes. So when the marinated chicken breasts and baked potatoes rolled off the grill, I was all up in that mess. I don't think I came up for air until it was time to wipe the sour cream mustache off my face. Damn good food- thanks to Rob and crew for sharing their grub with us.

Our seats were in the corner of the home team end zone. We watched the cheerleaders shake their teeny tiny asses and the big 'ole football players pummell each other. It was such an incredibly different environment that we're used to at OU games. For one, interest level. We don't follow NFL so it could have been the girl scouts vs. campfire and we wouldn't have known the difference. When I was a kid, the 49ers were the stellar, but not so much any more as I witnessed yesterday.

It was crazy loud, crazy crazy loud. And when anyone new would sit down, like us, the 300 year season ticket holders would look over and say- "You for the Chiefs?" As if to say, "I can see you don't have a stitch of red in your clothing, we've never seen you before and if you say one thing positive about the 49ers I will punt your ass over this wall." We of course said GO CHIEFS!

All in all it was a cool experience. Very intense. We especially enjoyed the 300-woman Jazzercise performance at half time. Those ladies are better than me, I would never have gotten out there and done my workout routine in front of all those people.

Thanks to Sus for the tickets and giving us an excuse to spend 8 hours of our day driving. All worth it for a little time together... and a pit stop in Lawrence for dinner w/ Wade and Jeni which was quite enjoyable.

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