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Will you take $1 for this $20 item?

Of course we will. Because we're schmucks. And we just want this crap gone!

We had our garage sale this weekend. The big moving sale. I've thrown a few sales in my day and this was by far the most successful. We got rid of so much stuff- everything from scrapbook stickers to the washer and dryer. It always amazes me what people will buy at a garage sale. Or the stuff they won't- like our microwave for twenty bucks! Not a thing wrong w/ it- not even a scratch or left over spaghetti sauce glued to the inside. I figured with new college season upon us people would scoop that right up. Someone at the thrift store will have better use of it.

The guy who bought our washer and dryer was pretty impressive. He showed up with a suburban, that had five children and a dresser already in the back. I just shook my head thinking there was not a chance in hades they were leaving with all that they bought, including our work bench. He tied the dresser to roof, got the appliances in and wedged the work bench (now in 5 pieces) in the back. Tied the doors shut and off they went.

I also managed to get a pretty nasty sunburn. That's what happens when albino people wear tank tops without sunblock and sit in the sun for six hours. The word of the day is M-E-L-A-N-O-M-A.

Anyway, now that that big blister is gone I can start getting everything organized to move. I made a lot of progress this weekend. It will be boxes and moving fun all week long with the grand finale next weekend.

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