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Stone's 1st Birthday

Stone's 1st Birthday
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Our nephew's first birthday was yesterday (sorry kid, I'm a day late. Get used to the disappointment now). Actually, we were fortunate enough to spend the weekend in OKC and celebrate this little cutie's first birthday with the fam. We had a great shrimp peel and then dove into the cake and presents. Stone couldn't have been less interested. We were all grateful for this day, his birth, so that we might enjoyeth the piles of shrimp and red potatoes set out before us!

I never expected to love this kid as much as I do. But it's hard to remember our family without him before and I can't say it will ever be the same. He's gorgeous and smart and terribly funny. I love being his "favorite" aunt :). He walks and babbles, he loves to chase and be chased. He likes his bath, he plays fake sneezes, blows zerbits and LOVES french toast (just kidding Keith!).

Happy birthday Stone. Love you!

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