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Tonight we cuddled to "Stairway to Heaven"

You might not know it by looking at us- but Shelton and I are pretty much in love by now. I'm sure I think he's funnier and hotter than anyone else- and I know I'm right because he is AND I'm always right. Likewise, I'm sure no one thinks I'm quite as funny or gorgeous as he thinks I am. If that's the case, I invite you to come take a closer look.

One of things that's always pushed my "total mush" button is how Shelton gives me flowers. Early on I told him not to ever send me a red rose. I think they are tacky and over played and do not suggest a millisecond of thought or sincerity. He obliged. I've never once gotten flowers on an anniversary, holiday or any other typical date. They are always out of the clear blue sky. And he always goes to the flower shop and hand selects the stems. The bouquets are always stunning and all the women I work with get super jealous and that makes me feel pretty damn special.

A few weeks ago, like the brat I can occasionally be, I might have subtly hinted that I hadn't received any flowers in about a year and I would like some. By subtle- I mean the way an elephant walks into a china closet with a big red bow around its neck. Somehow we started talking about corsages. I laughed a good hearty laugh and told him if he ever sent me a corsage to work I would totally wear it. Then we moved on, didn't discuss the flowers anymore. Or the corsage for that matter.

Today I get a call from the florist asking for directions to my office because they have a package to deliver. I'm giddy all afternoon as I anxiously wait for my bouquet to arrive. When I return from a meeting our office manager tells me there is a gift on my desk. I spring around the corner expecting to see long, gorgeous spring blooms. Instead, a simple green box with a purple ribbon. And now I'm intrigued. As I pick up the box, the corsage conversation comes back. I'm laughing so hysterically at this point that a crowd has gathered around my cubby hole (this is what I like to call my cube). I open the box to find a HUGE purple iris corsage, with purple filler flowers and a HUGE purple/white polka-dotted ribbon. I had tears rolling down my cheeks I was laughing so hard and I couldn't hardly speak as everyone kept asking why in the hell my husband sent a corsage.

Hello- was it not completely obvious that we were going to prom tonight and that he was going to pick me up from work in his mom's mini van? I even shaved and wore special panties today in case "tonight was the night".

I explained the story and read the card, which was funny in and of itself. "Wear this corsage as a superhero wears a cape- to ward off evil boys who might think you are available."

My camera is completely dead or I'd post a photo for all of you to enjoy the corsage as well. Do I even need to tell you that I wore it until I got home tonight? Oh yeah, people gave me weird glances and none of them had the balls to ask. I don't really fit the "corporate model", so I'm getting used to odd stares.

This my friends. This is one of the million and one reasons that I love Shelton in a crazy, gross kind of way that only teenagers would display on the dance floor at prom under a disco ball and a dress that shows your cleavage for the first time.


and sweetie if tonight is the night maybe we should talk about it

anything you have questions about because i can answer anything you have...
Love you both

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