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Weekend Update

I've had plenty to write about lately, I've just either been too busy or too lazy to do it. So here goes a quick synopsis of the recent events at the Koskie house:

Last Saturday I did karaoke for the very first time. I joined some seasoned veterans of the karaoke stage for what is their staple song- Guns N Roses' "Sweet Child of Mine." We rocked pretty hard.

Last Monday I fell down our stairs. Not the first time. The stairs in the house were created specifically for causing people to fall down them. This time was bad enough that I went to the doctor the next day. Shelton and I had been making jokes all day about his pushing me down, which he DID NOT do of course. We get to the doctor and I'm explaining the fall. She looks over at Shelton and he says, "I'm just here to make sure she tells the right story." I laughed, she was not amused. Horrible, I know, we both are.

Yesterday I ran my first "race." I was pretty excited, until I woke up and it was 25 degrees with the wind chill. I had three pairs of pants on, two shirts and two bras. The two bras weren't exactly for cold-resistance. Can't have those things jumping all over the place! Anyway, I was seriously like 15th from last. My time was 35:22 for a 2-mile. I have a valid excuse though- this little boy was walking all by himself just before the half-way marker. He was so sad. I didn't want him out there by himself, that's so scary. So I introduced myself and walked the rest of the way with him.

Shelton and I went to see Borat- it's hilarious. Hurt yourself laughing hilarious. Compares to the kind of laughing you experience the first time you watch Dumb And Dumber, Old School or Napoleon Dynamite. Not a politically correct moment in the show, and there are times when you feel really guilty for laughing. But laughing is healthy. So I'm calling it a must see.

On the flip side of that movie coin is Happy Feet. I've anxiously waited more than a year to see that film. I was so unimpressed. It was almost kind of sad. I mean, I get the moral of the story their telling. But it was not at all about an island of happy, singing, dancing penguins. In fact, how they treat the one penguin who does that is horrible. Two beaks down on that one.

Anyway, this week we're gearing up for Thanksgiving in OKC. I don't like Thanksgiving, never have, but this year I'm looking forward to it. Four days off will do that to you!

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