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Pure Unadulterated Madness

Geeze La-Weeze ya'll. If "busy" were defined by having your hair on fire, no time to sleep, eat or even look at yourself in the mirror- my picture would be there. Shelton's kind of irked at me right now because I've piled more on our plates than can possibly be consumed between the two of us. The last free weekend we had was February 17 and we don't have another free weekend until May 5. Optimist Brandi only peeks out on very rare occasions and this is one of them and she's saying we can handle it.

This past weekend we ripped up our entire kitchen floor- with our bare hands- and replaced it. We were both so dirty and disgusting I swear we each had three showers. And at one point, I had linoleum stuck to my butt. We started Saturday morning at 10 and finished last night close to midnight. It looks stunning now, I just want to make out with it or something. It was retchid before. We had to rip up the top layer of linoleum only to find a 67 year old hard-as-a-rock layer underneath. Hammers, chisels, adhesive remover and paint thinner- we got the job done. We also realized we're old as dirt because we're both moaning and groaning like we've never before. In fact, Shelton threw out his back.

**Note to all homeowners: Before you do some half-ass repair on your home, think about the next person who lives there who does not want to have to devote double time to a project to undo your poor excuse for home repair. DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!**

We also had three dinner dates this weekend, time w/ my lil sis, visit my grandmother, SuperTarget, a couple of trips to Lowes just to make things interesting.

I also scheduled our realtor to come over and list the house tonight. It's for sale!! So, we have a hundred and one little projects we're trying to complete by tomorrow evening so that people can come fall in love with her.

AND THEN... we leave on vacation tomorrow night. This is a really big deal because Shelton and I have not been on a "just the two of us" vacation since our honeymoon- a ridiculous 5 years ago. So we're taking off to Colorado on a trip partly sponsored by momma Koskie (an Ayyam-i-ha gift). So, amidst playing Bob the Builder and Susie Homemaker, I have to clean the house, do the laundry, pack, take the dog to my mom, check-in w/ the neighbor, clean the car, hit the grocery store for magazines and food, put our itenerary together -AND- figure out what the hell is wrong w/ my hair lately. (that's a whole other story)

We're so psyched about the vacation. It's going to be a nice breather as when we return it's back to work plus next weekend is Easter, then we're babysitting a friends children for an entire weekend, hosting a baby shower, then Shelton's birthday and then April's gone and May is here.

I'm going to say this spring is in like a lion... God willing it will be out like a lamb.

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