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Catching up

So I decided to log on and post for the first time since January and it suddenly becomes so complicated that all I want to do is vent! Google bought Blogger and when I signed in I had to approve and agree and click and that's not what I wanted to do.

I wanted to pop over and try to make an effort to get my hiney back on here. I don't know why I don't write any more. Everyday I have something I think I should post and then I don't. Chalk up to my having the LAZIEST winter ever. I want this god forsaken weather to warm up so I get outside and move again.

So here's a quick blast of updates and then we'll see how I do from here...

Shelton came home with the flu last night- fever and all. I'm avoiding him as much as I can so that I can maintain not be sicking all winter. But with every passing minute my chest feels ickier and my muscles are getting achier. Damn it!

We are currently planning our FIRST vacation since our honeymoon five years. We're both completely excited. We've been places, we've taken trips. Some together, some out of the country, some not together. But this will be the first time it's been just the two of us- we're not going to see anyone, no one is going with us. Solo. Oh, we're going to Colorado for five days and what are we going to do? Nothing, and I'll love every minute of it.

Square Magazine is up and running. Yay! I wrote about this a few months ago. Thanks to Becky and Jim for giving me the opportunity to clutter your pages and blog with my writing. I'm having a blast and hope there's more on the way.

We meet with our realtor to list the house next week. Yes, after one year we're selling the house we shouldn't have bought in the first place. I love it- and if I had the time, money, energy and know-how to fix up this 90-year old beast, I'd really love it.

One final rant- I'm so completely pissed off at ABC right now! I don't ever get this emotional or involved in TV shows. But this crap on Grey's Anatomy had better get straightened out. So help me if Meredith dies I will not watch another TV show on ABC ever again.

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