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50 More

Here comes another installment of Brandi reveals...

51. You can count on me for handwritten thank you notes.
52. I eat raspberry or key lime Yoplait every morning.
53. I need to watch less TV.
54. I wax my eyebrows.
55. Scabs are cool.
56. I'm glad I'm smiling again.
57. We're not having a baby this year and that brings more relief than I expected.
58. I'm still jealous of my friends with babies.
59. The left side of my body is bigger than the right.
60. I want to live in South Africa.
61. Everyday I play out some terribly tragic situation in my head and try to think through how I would react.
62. I don't wear skirts because I lose all of my confidence.
63. I don't have enough cute shoes.
64. I prefer email to phone conversations.
65. Niagra Falls did not impress me.
66. I cry everytime I sing the National Anthem.
67. If the election were tomorrow, I'd vote for Barack.
68. Turning 26 this year feels terribly old.
69. I was shot in 12th grade. The guy got 80 hours of community service.
70. I found a lump in my breast last month. I was scared to death. But I'm fine.
71. I've only ever sang karaoke once- "Sweet Child of Mine".
72. The smells of peanut butter and popcorn are nauseating.
73. I like eating things that are bad for me in large quantities and I don't feel bad about it.
74. However, I do make a conscious effort to eat healthy.
75. I went to hear Gorbachev speak and I fell asleep.
76. I pee with the door open.
77. I love Oprah.
78. If you don't turn on your blinker, I will not let you in front of me.
79. I let people in front of me during long lines of traffic hoping someone will do the same for me.
80. I was scared of the tooth fairy.
81. I let my dog sleep in my bed.
82. I keep my college diploma on the mantel.
83. I wish I had more freckles.
84. I sleep with mascara on.
85. Tap water is disgusting and I won't drink it.
86. Colin Powell is one of the funniest people I've ever heard speak. (He's also one of the few republicans I like)
87. I like under-cooked cookies and over-cooked brownies.
88. I need to stop using these- :) - in my emails.
89. I worry that people won't remember me.
90. The crossword in People is the only one I've ever completed.
91. I stop soldiers in the airport to welcome them home and say thank you.
92. I can't lie.
93. I get a weekly allowance.
94. I worked on an Extreme Home Makeover.
95. I've never done most of the things I want to do.
96. I'm a hugger.
97. I like crawdads.
98. I grind my teeth.
99. I've probably searched your name in Google.
100. Growing up, I wanted to be an attorney.

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