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Sob Story

You know I'm one for details. It's impossible for me to tell a story without including the most mundane details and flailing my hands around.

Last Saturday I was headed out for an afternoon of me time. It was finally a fairly nice day and I wanted to get out and bask in it for as long as it would last. I had no agenda, no plan. I figured I'd pop by SuperTarget, the scrapbook store, hit a couple of antique stores I always mean to go in, and so on.

As I was leaving I remembered that Shelton's watch needed to be fixed and my wedding ring was in dire need of cleaning and inspection- since I hadn't done it more than a year. I go down the street to what is probably the best jeweler in Wichita and this top-notch sales guy helps me out. Big fan of the man we'll call J-C.

He gives me a few compliments on my ring and I'm beaming like the day after Shelton proposed because I'm just an old wife now so no one has any reason to compliment my ring. He takes it in the back to look it over and comes out to ask if I had bought the ring there. I told him I'd gotten it at a place in OKC that for saving my ass from being sued I'll refrain from mentioning there name because I will tear them apart on here. And breathe....

He told me that the ring was cracked. I was shocked and then he pointed out a very evident crack on the inside. How did I miss that? He took it back to look at it a second time and came out to tell me that all four corners of the diamond were cracked or chipped.

It's Friday, and my heart has still yet to regain its normal pace. Turns out I have a princess cut, well I knew that all along, and that particular cut is very susceptible to damage. He thinks that at some point in time I whacked my hand across something and caused the damage to the diamond and the shock traveled through the ring to break that. Wonderful!

I came straight home, nearly in tears. Shelton called insurance only to find out that the separate policy we thought we'd had all along wasn't there. They show no record of it. So they've spent the past week searching through their archives to find where we said - give us insurance- and find where we never said- take it away.

I have a feeling things are going to continue to get really screwy, just because insurance claims are always like that. The poor adjuster tried to call to talk to me the other day and my chest just got tight. I told him quite honestly that I was far too frustrated to talk to him and I would end up taking it out on him so I deferred to Shelton.

So for now my left hand is naked. I tried to find a cheapy fake ring to wear just so I wouldn't drive myself crazy with the nakeyness on my hand. No such luck.

Keep your fingers crossed that this goes well.

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