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36 Days Later

I hopped on here this morning to see what my last post was and realized it was made 36 days ago. The maddening, pants-on-fire busy has not decreased. In fact, it gets more ridiculous every single day. I now understand suburban moms who steal their kids Ridlan. I just need a way to squeeze a couple more hours into each day, or make Monday hold off one or two days.

So, I'm totally copying Jim because I need an efficient way to fill everyone in on recent events.

> Went on vacation to Colorado. Stayed in a gorgeous cabin. Tried skiing for the first time. Soaked in the hot springs. Drove 2000 miles in 5 days (gag!). Ate a lot of Chex mix. Visited the Coors brewery. Pictures here.

> Easter at our house w/ a mini-version of the fam. I made taco soup and sopapillas. Sopapillas, from scratch. With my bare hands. With cinnamon and heaven sprinkled on top.

> Parenting Test drive. Some friends/neighbors went out of town two weekends ago. They asked to watch their 7-year old and 2-year old boys. We said yes. To all of us without children- WEAR A CONDOM! I'm totally kidding. The kids were fun and definitely broke us in. It's non-stop motion. They always want something- food, diapers, games, food, diapers....

> Spent a weekend in OKC. I made it over to the Mont for lunch and remembered just how much I love that damn town, Norman. The food was perfect and the memories flooded back. Got in A LOT of cuddle schmuddle time with this cutie patootie- Mr. Stone. He gave kisses and high fives and fake sneezes.

> Friday was Shelton's birthday. We had a party. People didn't leave until 4a.m. and it hurt real bad the next day when we had to get up 9a.m. to build our new privacy fence.

> Other than that, we're working our brains out, selling the house, I'm planning a baby shower for a friend, cut 7-8" off my hair this weekend and still looking for new glasses.

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