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We'll be in a van by the river

Well, folks. The house is SOLD! Definitely didn't go to the highest bidder, but a bidder no less. As per usual, we're running around like crazy people trying to get organized. The next few weeks shape up like so:

Tonight- Shelton starts summer school. Mon-Thurs, 7-10pm, through July.

Saturday- Garage Sale!

June 16- Pack the Pod. The Koskies will be making the trek North to lend their helping hands, yay!

June 18- Closing

July 5- Move into the apartment

Oh, did you catch that too? The three week discrepancy between moving out and moving in? We were fortunate to get the apartment we really wanted. However, said apartment is not available until July 5. We were able to convince my aunt and uncle to let us crash for those three weeks. This makes the packing and moving process, which is already mind-boggling in and of itself, quite a bit more difficult.

I'm separating into the garage sale pile, Pod pile, Aunt/Uncle pile, store at the Koskies pile, trash and what stays. I've had a number of generous offers to come help, and I'll certainly let you know if I need it. But ya'll know how uptight and OCD I can be on any given Tuesday. This? This is what will drive me to the crazy house. So, I'm going to pack every last bit of it by myself- for the sake of my marriage, friendships and other relationships. It's better this way, really. I won't have to tape your hands together w/ packing tape because you didn't put the right things in a box or because you failed to place a number on the outside of the box and mark on the clipboard the contents of that box.

The new address will be in your inboxes in coming weeks. This is the starting point of a very interesting summer for us. More details on that soon I'm sure.

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