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Suck it in!

Word to the wise- if you currently live in a three story house with a garage, do not attempt to move into a one floor apartment. I feel like I'm trying to squeeze back into my wedding dress after a trip down an all-you-can-eat BBQ buffet. After purging a significant portion of our belongings in last weekend's garage sale we still have so much stuff.

We made the big move on Saturday morning, starting fresh at 6am. Four people, two trucks, two trailers and four hours later we were done. Hotter than hell outside and we had to move this stuff up three flights of stairs. My shins, ankles, calves and toes are throbbing two days later. This means that I'm both out of shape and that I'll live in a dumpster before I move to the third floor again. But, the vaulted ceilings are nice!

You know, I loved my house. Shelton and I made the final walk through last night to make sure we hadn't left beind anything and as we reached the front door I started to choke. He asked if I would buy the house again and I said no. Then he told me that meant it was time to leave and we did. Our closing was today at four and we finally met the buyers. Nicest couple, she's having a baby in three weeks. At least someone will be able to bring a baby home to that house! I asked her where they were putting the nursery and she said in the room we used as a den. That's not where I'd have put her, but it will certainly make a fitting place. I cried when I handed her the keys.

Never the less, we're in to the new abode and making it work. Neighbors all seem fine, except for Captain Douchebag on the first floor. This guy is a piece of work. Other than that- everyone seems cool and we're pretty much exhausted. We'll have our first house guests in two weeks, when Shelton's family comes to visit.

By the way, did I mention that we have CARPET?! In all of the rooms?! On the floor!? Because we do! And it's even better than I remembered. And we have a dishwasher! And TWO bathrooms. Two bathrooms where one is bigger than the one we had before. It's pretty neat.

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