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26 was ridic!

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Just a HUGE thanks to everyone who sent birthday wishes. You all helped make this one of the best birthdays I've ever had. I really had such a fantastic time Friday night and did not want the party to end. But when it did, our apartment had left balloons and cookies on our door and they were SO GOOD!

We were so lucky to have the Skanches head up from OKC to celebrate with us. After convincing Cabrone "the yeti" to stick around and bail on yet another trip to Tulsa, we were able to have a pretty well-supported OU contingent.

The birthday shinanigans started at the Pumphouse- my favorite little watering hole in Wichita. We were quickly joined by so many friends. Thanks for making me feel so special, ya'll!

Then a few migrated to Uptown Bistro for some delicious dinner, raucous conversation and some slimy snails. Shelton for some unknown reason ordered escargot. Everyone, but me of course, got in on the action. There are pictures. And we were glad to learn that Jeremy isn't allergic!

From there is was off to the Brickyard where my birthday-ness won a free pass past the bouncer and Heather wooed him to let the rest of our crew in free. Shelton and Cabrone took turns trying to convince the attending Class of 1987 that they were long-lost graduating pals. It didn't work- but definitely made for cheap entertainment. The band dedicated a song to me... and Brittany, the 21 year old who stole my thunder. She asked me to dance and at that point I would have said yes to a dragon.

I was not able to go to the midnight release of HP7- and thank goodness. Jonathan thought it wouldn't be the best idea and suggested there was a possibility I'd inexplainably wake up in the morning with a John Grisham novel.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, hugs, kisses, booby rubs, drinks and of course, I'm all verclempt, the memories.

26- bring it on!

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