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More comfortable this way

I go home every single day to let the dog out. And give her that love and attention that she so needs. I usually don't like walking her in my heels so I keep a pair of flip flops by the door. I kicked off my crazy cute new shoes and put on my $2 flops and headed out. I was on the phone w/ a girlfriend chattin' it up and I left to return to the office. I got here and looked down and and realized I never switched back. So I'm in the office with $2 Old Navy flops while my crazy cute new shoes sit at home. Sighhhhh

I love the flops. And ya'll know I'd much rather be wearing these. But... BUT... I have crazy cute new shoes at home and I wanted to wear those. Plus, this place kind of frowns upon flip flops. I mean, if they'll let me, I'll gladly go home to switch.

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