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All the cool kids are wearing one

Whiplash is fun!
Originally uploaded by shelfish
Good lord- I've got whiplash. Seriously?! Why do these stupid little mishaps happen to me? I was at a little work party at a "Family Fun Center". I had just wiped out a plate of chicken strips and dumped the bbq-sauce covered plate all over my pants when someone invited me to go ride the go-carts. I said sure.

Then I laughed at the ridiculous liability release I had to sign.

And then I got slammed into a wall by two other go-carts. Twice. In three minutes. Both times, my glasses flew off my face. I felt like Ricky Bobby- I CAN'T SEE! The second crash was enough for me to park the damn thing and go back to the chicken strips. I knew something wasn't right though.

I went home at 5, met Shelton and we went to the ER. We tried to find a minor emergency and apparently those aren't available. Checked in at 5pm, got home at 9:30. Every time the hospital staff said "go-cart accident", they made it sound as if I were tearing it up in the back nine of my farm, knocking back Old Milwaukees and braiding my mullet. It was a very nice little establishment thank you so much!

Thin sheets were all that separated me from the diabetic farter on my right and the gastric case with bloody stool on my left. Everyone around me was receiving food and got to watch TV, and I got none of that. Shelton left to hunt & gather magazines. Folks, it was SUCH a party!

4 hours and a CT scan later- I left with this fashion plate strapped to my neck. Actually, that's the temp-fashion plate. I left with a more comfortable version.

So, I'm fine. The lortab is making this more and more difficult to type. My only concern now is what I'm going to do with my hair in the morning?!

it has always been a principle of mine... if you have to sign a liability waiver... DON'T DO IT
lol you look great in the brace something you should think about adding to your wardrobe... love mom

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