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He was JUST as excited to see me!

Last night I ventured to KC to meet my dear, dear friend Sarah for the Dave Matthews Band concert. Tickets were compliments of the mom-in-law (thanks!!). This was my third DMB show and Sarah's first.

You can read about the show specifically over at my post on Square Mag's Webzine. However, if you want to hear the very entertaining anecdotes about our day, then just keep reading.

Sarah and I met up in KC about noon and spent the day wearing a hole in the pavement at this fabbo little shopping center. We both found some great bargains on new additions to our closets. I even bought a dress. Yes- me- I bought a girly dress. Go figure. It was SO nice to spend the day catching up with Sarah and feeling like it has not been an entire year since we last hung out together.

So I stopped yesterday morning to get a six-pack of Boulevard Wheat for the tailgating portion of our adventure. I've never purchased beer at 8:30 in the morning- I felt like a criminal. I started to panic on the highway though because I did not have a bottle opener. No problem- I'll just flirt my way into one with the neighboring DMB fans at the parking lot. We're a gentle, loving group... DMB fans. We park next to two very nice guys- one from Brazil the other from California. They did not have any bottle opening utensils- but they were full of bright ideas. Cali-boy suggested I pop the bottle cap off by clipping it on the side of the trailer hitch on the X-terra. Yes, this is brilliant! With all the okie I could muster I do this- and then not only get the bottle cap off but tear the top part of the glass bottle off with it. Never found the shrapnel. After a good laugh he offers me a few Coors Lights and I very thirstily accept.

As we are departing for the gate I offer them my five remaining BWs in exchange for their generous beer sharing. They accept. And the Cali-boy immediately twists off the beer cap. THEY WERE TWIST OFF THE ENTIRE TIME! I've always thought BWs were... well, I felt like an idiot and sacrificed tasty sweet beer for, well, Coors Light.

After the show, Sarah and I were making our way out to the cars. On the ground next to Sarah's car was a large black thing. I made an off-hand joke about it being her bumper. She's like what is that?! We get closer and realize it's her driver's side mirror. Torn off. Of the car. Lying in the gravel like a fallen soldier. Scratches all along her car. It was really quite sad- but the way we were doubled over laughing with tears streaming down our cheeks you would have never known just how pissed we were. WHO DOES THAT!? Jackasses. I suggested she roll down her window, hold the frayed cables and drive home like that. I pray that she did not follow my advice.

All in all, I'd have to say that this was the best DMB show I've yet to attend. Now that I've washed off the second-hand pot smell, dirt from my toes and made sure that my concert tee fits- I'm ready to start plotting my way to the next show.

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